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“Residential Services”

GTA Online Quotation Frequently Asked Questions

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GTA Decorating has a substantial staff of ... and has been established for over ... years. As a result we have a strong customer base.CLICK HERE to see our guarantee

A satisfactory decorating job starts with a well-conceived specification and a clear quote.

Where we suspect extra work may arise we say so and give a realistic appraisal of it.

Once work starts, our supervisor's task is to see the job completed to the required standard, with a minimum of disruption and within the agreed time. Our workmen are courteous and reliable. And above all, it is our first policy to ensure the work is carried out as tidily as possible. Consideration for furnishings and carpets is a priority.

We are happy to work under the supervision of a client's Surveyor.

With exterior work in particular, we work for durability rather than appearance.

GTA Decorating provide all of the following services to private individuals for the redecoration, repair and maintenance of their properties:

· Interior Painting

· Paperhanging

· Carpentry

· Cupboards (including built-in wardrobes, alcove units, radiator casings, etc.)

· Exterior Painting

· Window and door repairs

· Window Care repair system

· Render repairs

· Pointing

· Glazing

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