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 Mission Statement                                                              

Our Mission

"GTA Decorators success is built on delivering a high quality product. 

Reliability, respect and value for money are principles that we adopt in order to ensure client satisfaction."

Our Team

George (Owner)
Denise (Payroll Administrator)
David (Business Administrator)
Gordon (Contracts Manager)
Drummond ( Contracts Manager)
Stephen (Office Administrator)
Lisa( Admin Assistant )
Neil (Tiling Supervisor)
Sandy (Painting Supervisor)

A word from our owner

"GTA Decorators was established in 1998, and I had a vision of what I wanted to achieve. Since then, we have gone from strength to strength and now employ, including sub-contractors approximately 55 people. Thank you to all our staff for helping me make this happen."


Established Decorating business in 1998.
Started Tiling Division 3 years later.
Employ between 50-55 people.

Development Policy

GTA Decorators recognise the importance of developing our people to ensure future success for our organisation. We are committed to ensuring that all people have access, and the support required to develop in order to reach their full potential.

Budget will be allocated as required to ensure beneficial development activities are provided to the team.

Development needs will be identified through staff one to one meetings, and also as our Direction and Objectives are reviewed on a quarterly basis.

We will use our Development policy in conjunction with our development cycle to ensure that development needs are identified and prioritised to suit the needs of the individual as well as the business.

Contracts throughout Scotland


GTA Decorators success is built on it’s commitment to deliver quality exterior and interior decorative work. Objectives are being implemented to help streamline and improve our service.

Investor’s In People – May 2007
Customer Care Team – Feb 2007
CCSCS accreditation/registration for all employees - Dec 2007
Training plan for 2008/ 2009 in place - April 2008







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