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We are a painting and decorating company that provides a range of decorating services across most areas of Scotland. We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and and we strive to deliver customer satisfaction. References can be provided on request. click here to use our colour wheel

Click on the map to your left to view our current areas of contracted works, both Residential and Commercial.

If you are a first time visitor to the site, we hope that the information provided here is helpful to you. If after browsing this site you need advice, or require a free no obligation quotation online please click here.

We will have Galleries of our previous work online soon to allow you to see the High quality of our various Trades.

Our Decorators:

  • Are fully qualified
  • Are fully insured
  • Are able to produce work of quality
  • Are conversant with the latest technology
  • Work to a code of practice

If a job`s worth doing, its worth doing well. And when it comes to Painting and Decorating, the professionals have the edge every time. So when you are looking around for a reputable decorator to transform your home or business premises with flawless brushwork and skilful paper hanging, make sure you choose wisely.

We all know the best jobs are always done by professional specialists who have had a full training - and the painting and decorating trade is no exception.

Cheapest is not always best in the long run, as many people have found to their cost. It pays to shop around to find a reputable firm who will give you an agreed price for the work to be done.

On many occasions, householders have been misled by very cheap job estimates and had to pay for very sub-standard work. People on their own and pensioners are particularly vulnerable to these operators. Ensure that the quotation details the work to be done, and if any extras come to light, then obtain a price for those too. Leaving things to chance means possible trouble ahead.

Always remember - NEVER give a decorator money before he does a job. No bona fide decorator asks for money for materials or payment in advance. He may ask for an interim payment for work done, if a job is to last a long time, but make sure interim payments are agreed in advance, and set down in writing. Don`t allow the decorator to talk you into hanging new wallpaper on top of old, or not using undercoat. This is not professional.


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